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  1. shazara moonbeam
    January 25, 2014

    Hi has anyone in UK have anymore up date info they can share please? I am going to be taking Ibogaine 1gram HCL Flood dose as instructed then 2 grams TA Booster. But looking at the amount others have taken i am a bit wary about the ”prescribed’ dosage taking my weight etc in to concideration. It does seem more than a lot of people but less than others. Also a ”Sitter’ i did ask some one, but i got a feeling their going to back out. And i not sure now if their up to it if anything need’s sorting. I would be a perfect sitter due to my back ground and experience.BUT i can’t seem to find anyone as trust worthy as me. And there’s NO WAY id take it om my own, but i am tempted. Well experienced trip head’s did and said DON’T! on Forum’s i look at. I am using it to get off Prescription Opiates and Prescribe Diazapam. I been prescribe them for year’s and want the hell off!! I can’t stand no more! These Drug’s have ruined my life!! I seriously want to quit. But i feel stuck now on the ‘sitter’ issue and i would like some others experiences to see as well. Its a shame for safety’s sake no one offer’s to do sitting for others. I would do it as i know what desperation is if it’s being for drug related issue’s or just to ‘find self” It’s the same thing it’s just Drugs are blocking some of our views. I so want my life back it’s wrong people have the power to do this to others with the dash of a pen? I wish i just shut up and put up as i was when it started. I probably would have got well year’s ago. Not imprisoned, and poisoned? i have friend’s who have been heavily in to street drug’s, shrooms everything,i’ve looked after and THEIR better off than me? I should have taken theirs when they offered, that’s how i feel now! I’m sure it would have been done and dusted age’s ago not taken over 20year’s of my life and suffering this never ending hell? Shazara xx


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