“M.R.” took ibogaine HCl to help resolve a heroin habit

March 20, 2012


Translated from Czech language by treatment provider
(sometime 2000)

My name is M. R.,I´m 26 years old and the last two years I´m trying to get rid of my heroin addiction.

After ibogaine intake, saturday at 11,30 a.m., I laid down in bed, covered my eyes, calmed down and waited. About ten minutes afterwards the bed started to rotate with me very pleasantly for about a minute and then came a deafening roar and I flopped down with the bed in the middle of nowhere, through which I flight and flight, till I stopped, don´t know where, perhaps in my consciousness, soul or something like that.

I was there for a while without something specific going on, just after another while somthing told me : “Hey, look” and the film started. It wasn´t a continuous film, but many and many different pictures, which I continuously understood as an integral story. At first took place few of my potential life ways in the future, still taking drugs and always ended very soon with a tragic death. It was always a horrible look at my dead body, the picture of it everytime remained for a long while, I was forced then to observe my dead body which was placed on the roof of a devastated building . This building was on a small planet spinning in black emptiness. This picture alternated (took turns) with a rotating exclamation point which kept changing in a small dot (point) and which was disappearing with a weird clink. These two pictures alternated very regularly perhaps a whole hour.

The last story was a nice, long and contented life without drugs, a real balsam in comparison with the previous ones. Throughout all this sequence I heard subconsciously something in the sense, that if I´ll keep taking heroin I´ll end very badly, which I actually just saw several times. Simply it showed me how (too) far I´ve gone, fall deeply and very crudely (really undescrivebly), so I realized a lot of things and the awareness that I´ll never be taking heroin again started to strenghten.

Then I started to come to my senses and soon the withdrawal, but the worst I ever had. It lasted for about three hours and for all this time there was an idea in my head, that nearby my bed a dose of heroin is prepared just to be taken and finish this anguish, but for all this time I heard the same whispering that if I´ll do it everything is lost. So I was (made)forced , being in withdrawal,to fight with the urge of taking that heroin, which was (immaginarily) at reach. It was tormenting, but suddenly it ended, I came to and there were no traces from withdrawal.

Even though I was all that sunday very weak and different pictures were still running in my head, in spite of that I felt very well, clean and mainly didn´t have the least thought for the heroin. I got back into a normal state after about three days and till then I was still like under the effects of extasy or mashrooms.

Still no desire for drugs, even a week afterwards, when I met a girl I know and smoked heroin in front of me. The only feeling I had from it was, that I felt really sorry for her and wanted to help her in some way.

My actual relation to drugs is very detached and cleared, just a sort of wondering how would they work now, but it´s easy to cope with this.

Ibogaine helped me a lot and concerning substances it was the biggest experience I ever had

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2 thoughts on ““M.R.” took ibogaine HCl to help resolve a heroin habit

  1. Darek Gadowski on said:

    That sounds interesting, could you tell somthing about how your body ,organizm went through heroin withdrawal syndrome? Did you do heroin every day at least few months before you take iboga?

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