Howard Lotsof – father of Ibogaine passes away

Howard Lotsof – father of Ibogaine passes away


Howard S. Lotsof

Howard S. Lotsof the father of ibogaine

Announcement – Howard Lotsof, father of ibogaine passed away on Sunday January 31st 2010 after some years of illness. He was active in promoting ibogaine right up until he left. Without Howard many people would likely never have beaten addiction and perhaps the world would still not know about this amazing natural substance. We all owe him an immense debt of gratitude – Nick Sandberg, website owner.


  1. Just seen this article, I read his story many years ago and before the big pharmaceutical companies got their greedy hands on his discovery, at that time you could get ibogaine only in root and powdered root from places like shamanic sites. Banned all over the world until there was a commercial gain in producing and manufacturing it.
    Howard originally wanted to help people with substance abuse not financial gain, anyway rant over RIP Howard even if it’s 9 years late x

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