Important information for those thinking of taking Ibogaine

Important information for those thinking of taking Ibogaine

With Ibogaine treatment now more available than ever before, in an ever-widening range of settings, more and more knowledge about the drug is gathering. At the time of writing, March 2007, one thing that is becoming increasingly clear is that there is a reasonable degree of risk associated with taking the drug. At least 12 people are recorded as having died in connection with taking ibogaine or other iboga substances over the last decade or so, and there is reason to believe that the number may be higher, with other deaths having occurred in non-clinical settings and without being recorded.

Here is some safety-related information about the drug:

– There is an inherent level of risk with ibogaine treatment. Twelve people are known to have died in connection with taking ibogaine or other iboga alkaloids. In actuality, the figure is likely higher, given that ibogaine is frequently administered in surroundings where people may be reluctant to contact the authorities in the event of something going wrong. Statistically, a ballpark figure for deaths during treatment is probably of the order of 1 in 300. (This is based on 12 recorded deaths having occurred within 3611 recorded treatments, outside of Africa, as of March 2007). The following factors have been identified as having caused death:

  • having a pre-existing heart condition, sometimes one not detectable by EKG
  • using opiates when on ibogaine, or shortly afterwards
  • using the rootbark or iboga extract. Ibogaine HCl is statistically much safer
  • taking ibogaine outside of a clinical facility. Persons taking ibogaine need constant supervision and, ideally, online heart monitoring

– Ibogaine is principally recognised for its ability to vastly reduce the symptoms of drug withdrawal, thus allowing addicts to detox relatively painlessly. Any other claims made for the drug, such as that it creates long-term drug-abstinence, or removes the effects of trauma or conditioning in either addicts or non-addicts, may have a degree of truth but are a great deal less substantiated.

– You must be medically tested before you take ibogaine. Proper clinical testing of heart and liver function are the absolute minimum. The site author is not aware of any reputable treatment provider who would allow you to take ibogaine without prior medical testing. Do not go with someone who does not insist on it. Ideally, you should have constant monitoring of heart function whilst on the drug, and medically-trained staff present.

– Beware of listening excessively to the advice of just one individual when deciding whether or not to take ibogaine. Ibogaine’s effects can be life-changing, and it is common for someone who has had a very positive experience to do their utmost to “spread the message,” possibly allowing their enthusiasm to override the very real concerns about safety.

– If you are thinking of taking ibogaine for personal development and haven’t yet been involved in proper therapy (therapy where there’s an open admission by the individual of the presence of emotional issues), be aware that you may be being attracted to a “quick fix” strategy that avoids really dealing with deeper issues. If this is the case, ibogaine could possibly make things worse. For some, using psychoactive substances can invoke disturbing reactions as the mind’s defences struggle to keep down rising repressed material. Drugs like ibogaine, ketamine, LSD and MDMA (Ecstasy), have been used in the past by therapists, but only as one component of an overall therapeutic strategy. Using the drug out of this context could cause more harm than good.

All the above said, ibogaine still potentially represents a major medical breaththrough, especially in the field of treating drug dependency.


  1. great info but i think you have a TYPO in your opening heading

    Important information for those thinking of important taking Ibogaine

  2. How long and at what dosage would someone who has been addicted to opiates need to take this?

    What issues are there to be aware of with someone with Hepatitis C taking this to get off of off opiates?

    What else would I need to know to help someone through this process?

    How much time has to pass after ‘using’ opiates to take this and what if they take them afterwards?

    What safety measures are available to support someone caring for someone with this treatment?

  3. Endeavor to know whether or not that program are able to depend
    on doctors treatment. The best centers give supplements and therapies to finally the addicted people along
    with dean jerrod counseling.

  4. Im am currently in my 2nd rehab for alcohol addiction & a few friend have suggested this to me

  5. So can this be ordered and shipped to the USA as of yet? if so, what site does one order it from?

  6. A long term friend of mine obtained a liquid form of IBOGAIN aprox. 1 litre. He drank the product and when he woke the next day he had no symptoms of withdrawl, after two weeks still no withdrawl. He has now been compleley clean of all drugs for over 3 months. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks IBogain you saved my buddy’s life. Now lets motivate those uncaring greedy pharmaceutical companies and make this prodict more availableto the people who need it!

  7. How do I find a US doctor to prescribe legal opiates to get suboxone out of my system before getting ibogaine treatment? I need help with this ASAP. Thank you.

  8. Hoping to find N.Z. contact doc to discuss if this could be used in conjunction with antidepressants etc. Private reply appreciated.

  9. Dear sir/madam
    Can please tell me the type of sickness iboga or ibograine treat.
    best regards

  10. Is there any place in the US to get help with this? Is there any way to become a part of the research at any of the clinics. is there any financial help available?

  11. Hi, I live in London and desperately trying to help my mom in South Africa. My brother has been addicted to drugs for over 8 years – mainly heroine. She is a single mother and battling to cope. He has even been abusive as he’s so desperate for his fix that he has drained my mother both financially & emotionally. She sounds like she is going to have a nervous brake down any day now.
    We have sent him to numerous detox facilities, hypnotherapy where a person has helped drug addicts but nothing has worked. He says he desperately wants to stop but can’t get off this horrendous roller coaster ride of destruction..

    We just don’t have any more money to send him to another type of facility & pay another huge amount if money as nothing has worked in the past. I’ve noticed someone mentioned above “Audrey on 2nd May 2013” mentions she could get it from Leeds. I t would be helpful to know if your friend is still clean??

    I look forward to any further advice on ibogain as it’s got to the point that I’m willing to arrange some of this if it could work for my brother. Also, is there a chance this could be stopped at customs?? Maybe I need to look at the possibility of getting it from someone in South Africa?


  12. hallo,

    my Name is Robert im so desperate.sorry my english is not so good.
    i order ibogaine.I have make 2 iboga sessions and after the treatment my live is thinking is so crazy,i have no hope,i can not solve my Problems,i have no force and a big Problem is my reality is not real.

    now I am in Treatment with a doctor i become 2 species anti depressants but it does not help.I have suicidal thoughts but i will back only my old LIVE.I think I have a brain damage.
    my question is:must i live so forever??
    or have i a Chance the ibogaine go frome my head??
    Please give me a answer.

    greating robert

  13. Anyone, please help me to get a hold of IBOGAINE. Please contact me at 708-244-3034. I need to try this I have heard nothing but great things. PLEASE HELP!!!

    Please call or text me instead of emailing me.

  14. ibogaine treatment is at a facility in Durban called Minds Alive, and they are doing wonders here, give your mum the details

  15. Yes, in 2000, following the death of JW in London. But I think it was ruled death by misadventure. No one went to prison afaik. Nick

  16. Hi! I want to take iboga or ibogaine (probably the latter), and I want to know some things from experienced users.
    a) I don’t have lots of money, and I’m looking for a treatment centre or person who can accompany me and monitor my health through a flood treatment … anyone know of a place between UK and Spain, or other place in Europe that has a good reputation.
    b) If I choose to do it without supervision, well only that of friends, a nurse if I am lucky, would it be best to do a flood (and what are the doses iboga or ibogaine?), or micro doses. I have heard that micro doses are pretty ineffectual when you haven’t had a flood dose first. What do you think.
    I have had a liver test and an ECG. I’m not a hard drug addict. I’m more addicted to negative self-talk it would seem! haha
    Any info would be well come! I have been in touch with two places, one in Spain … they seem nice enough, gotta pursue them more, perhaps a little vague but maybe that’s part of the territory, and maybe I’ve asked vague questions. and another place in UK, they became disinterested in me when I asked if there were people on hand in their ceremonies that could administer first aid or take you to a hospital should things get out of hand, and also when I asked them if they required health tests prior to conducting the ceremony. I’d like a little ceremony plus a little responsible health care!!! actually I’d like a lot of both.
    hoping to hear from someone.
    also, is it possible to receive ibo orders here in UK, and/or Spain? thank you

  17. Je voudrais traiter mon fils de 38 ans, accro au crack depuis 2007, avec quelques arrêts, quand il part vivre loin de la ville où il a ses habitudes et les dealers qui ne sont pas inquiétés par la police.
    C’est un grand sportif, surf, triathlon, natation, jogging, vélo.
    J’aimerais trouver une adresse sérieuse pour commander l’ibogaine afin de sevrer mon fils du crack et du cannabis.
    Merci de me renseigner.

  18. Hey. I`ve been reading about iboga/ibogaine and I was wondering if the medicine can help people with bipoler disorder 2 to get better?
    The internet is just confusing me on the matter, since some articles claim that the medicine can do so, while I also read that many retreats screen people with bipolar disorder. Are there any statistics on this? Are there documented cases of people with bipolar 2 getting worse after the treatment?


  19. I’ve been taking sleeping pills for over 15 years now. I transitioned from 0.5mg of Xanax nightly to 50mg of Trazodone as the lesser of two evils.

    I’m considering iboga very seriously as a potential “reset” for my sleeping pills addiction.

    I understand that Trazodone is not your “typical” antidepressant or SSRI but is lumped along with them when searching for counter indications with Iboga.

    One clinic advised that benzos are out of the question, one needs to be totally off SSRIs to attend but that for trazodone 24 hours before iboga session and 48 hours after would be acceptable.

    I tried sleeping 2 days without it a week ago and it is doable but getting off it with a gradual taper unlikely based on past experience.

    Do you think I can attend as this resource indicated because another said that one needs to taper off completely. If it was do-able for me then I probably would not need looking for the iboga reset though spiritual drive is also a major motivation.
    Best Regards

  20. I have a few questions:
    Some shisters may see this as some sort of a novelty still, what kind of price can I expect and is this still in the reasonable range of such private therapy?

    Will I be able to take this over Subutex, (a synthetic opiate)?

    Can I expect some sort of aftercare at any of these services?

  21. Is ibogaine an option for methamphetamine abuse? If not, are any entheogen treatments for meth users?

  22. Hello I am looking for a seller of Ibogaine and and advice on what dosage woukd be needed.Have been using opiated for 4 years, mainly heroin. Any help would be life saving.

  23. Stick to mushrooms, (liberty caps) far safer by the sounds of it. Tracy, from what research i have read has a similar effect re: addictions, check out/google terrance mackenna, may help. End or october begining of november best picking time.

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    So we want to promote the use of the plant in all forms because dealing with a substance addiction, whether it is you or a loved one, can be a terrible ordeal that puts a tremendous strain on you physically and mentally.please email me via to know more or to buy

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