Ibogaine – UK Availability

Ibogaine – UK Availability


Fruit of the Tabernathe iboga plant

Fruit of the Tabernathe iboga plant

Ibogaine has never been through clinical trials anywhere in the world and so is not licensed for use in the UK.

This doesn’t mean, however, that a doctor cannot prescribe it. Under UK law, any registered medical practitioner can prescribe an unlicensed medicine if he or she wishes. The best initial approach for someone wanting ibogaine treatment, therefore, is to ask your GP, or drugs counsellor, if they are willing or able to prescribe it. If they aren’t, then ask them what you can do to find a doctor who will prescribe it.

So why isn’t Ibogaine licensed for use in the UK, or indeed, anywhere else in the world?

Ibogaine development has been beset with problems and hold-ups for years. There are currently major legal disputes between backers and scientists, resulting in ibogaine still being at the experimental phase of development. Meaning it is not yet medically licensed for use on humans.

In addition, the commercial nature of the pharmaceuticals business means that drugs that don’t offer large profit-margins rarely get developed. Because ibogaine would only usually be offered as a “one-off” treatment, it therefore does not make an attractive target for development by the private sector. It is also recognised that pharmaceutical companies are generally uninterested in developing treatments for substance abuse, believing the potential market to be financially unstable and also worried their public image may be negatively affected.

This doesn’t mean, however, that it is completely unavailable. UK medical practitioners can sometimes prescribe unlicensed medicines if they wish, subject to certain legal provisos. One approach for someone wanting ibogaine treatment, therefore, is to ask their GP or drugs treatment centre if they are willing or able to prescribe it. If they aren’t, then ask them what you can do to find a doctor who will prescribe it.

So, what if you want to take ibogaine, but cannot find a doctor willing to prescribe it? Well, there are currently only two government-licensed ibogaine treatment centres in the world. One is in Panama and the other in St Kitts. Prices for treatment start at around £7,000. In addition, various private doctors and lay persons make treatment available or supply ibogaine itself, usually via the Internet. It should be remembered that such operations are not government-licensed and so attention should be paid to issues of medical safety and follow-up.

For details of current supply and treatment options, see http://www.ibogaine.co.uk/options.htm


  1. Hi,
    My name Is Jason, I have had a long history of substance abuse, I was 18 when I first experimented ‘stupidly’ with Heroin, I am now in my 40s, I’ve tried several times to give up (Went in rehab once 12yrs ago) but always had that ‘crave for it’ in me still. Since then I am now Heroin free and feel a switch in my head has finally been switched because I do NOT crave H anymore. I regularly goto my drug advisory for support and am currently on a prescription of Methadone; dose being 25ml which will be down to 20ml in the next 2 weeks.I was on 60ml 6-8wks ago and the decision to wean down was my own choice. I am determined to get off all drugs (I only take prescribed medication, NO street drugs)
    I have been looking at Iboga treatment which I believe could work for me, Iboga or Ibogine treatment which is legal in this Country (U.K.)

    Can you recommend any such treatment centers here please? And do you know if it’s possible to get into such a treatment center/program on the NHS?

    Like I said, I absolutely feel now is the right time, I’ve never felt more confident.

    Any info would be greatly received, good or bad. If the above is an impossibility for me (as I do not have any money to pay into any treatment center, I’m unemployed) can you recommend an alternative please?

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Many thanks, Jason Goodwin

  2. Jason there are no treatment centres in the U.K., due to the legality of Iboga there vs other countries. I recommend you visit The Sacred Voyage organisation in the Netherlands. You will need to travel, but this group are very experienced, professional and most importantly, trustworthy. We all heard the stories of people being fleeced, so I don’t recommend this group lightly. Source: personal experience. Search “the sacred voyage” on youtube and watch the first video that comes up to get an idea of their organisation, the video that’s 16 minutes and some seconds long. See what you think.

    A second video which focuses specifically on one of their Iboga ceremonies is there also. Search “Iboga ceremony the sacred voyage” on youtube. I recommend viewing both videos, watching the Iboga ceremony video secondly. Be well.

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