Information on the legal status of ibogaine is liable to change. Please check with your local government drugs unit for current information.It is an offence to possess ibogaine in the US, Switzerland, Belgium and possibly Holland.It may be legal to possess ibogaine for personal use in the UK and other countries worldwide, but it will likely be an offence to possess the drug for supply.

It will likely be illegal to offer ibogaine treatment for addiction problems if you are not a licensed medical practitioner anywhere worldwide.

Accurate information on the legal status of any ibogaine activities can be got from your government’s drugs unit or Medicines Control Agency. Note that legal restrictions surrounding using or supplying unrefined iboga rootbark may be less rigid. Check.


  1. Hey Nick
    First and foremost thanks for taking time to post this info and I hope this email finds all well?
    I am just about to go in to an hospital in the UK to transfer my Oxycontin dependancy for a Methadone dependancy (lucky me) due to my inability to control my Oxy use at safe longterm levels. Like most addicts my use problem is complicated due to finding that the morphine not only controlled pain issues but also lightened the mental load I and other sufferers find ourselves unable to cope with independently (for whatever reasons). I am sure my grandfather would have called it “lack of spinal fortitude” or something similar 🙂 but at any rate here I am, facing what from hours of internet searching informs me, might well be the fire after a good simmer in the fry pan!
    At any rate, just this morning I found a reference to Ibogaine which led me to your site and; what I wanted to know (as my local NHS is just now on the short day rotation) is if you knew whether a British NHS GP can prescribe it or is the only route available that which is on your info page? If it were I would quite fancy a sojourn to Sarah’s house in the Netherlands, although being unemployed does make it rather a task 🙁 however, even if I could raise the scratch, is there any way of ascertaining whether this is a good option do you know? ie have you heard any reports from persons who have been.
    Well Nick, supposing you might find time to reply then thank you very much for taking time! If not well thanks anyway for listening.
    Best Regards
    P.s I tried to contact your email but it returned hence this post.

  2. I am in no way qualified to offer medical advice to anyone but I do have a bit of knowledge that persons who can not secure ibogaine may find helpful. The Tabernaemontana Iboga plant is not the only plant that Iboga alkaloids and Iboga related alkaloids can be extracted from. The Tabernaemontana Africana, Tabernaemontana divacartia, Tabernaemontana Sananhoe, and the Tabernaemontana Undulata are just some of the plants that are known to possess usefull Iboga Alkaloids. Unlike the Iboga variety, all of the varieties are legal to grow and or possess in the US. The Tabernaemontana Divacartia contains at least 64 identified alkaloids, many of which are directly related to Ibogaine.
    Be sure to consult with experts before attempting to utilize any plant of any kind.

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