Ibogaine Treatment Centres and supply options

March 20, 2012

(This page last updated July 2018)


Information on this page is supplied for interest only. The website owner will not take responsibility for ibogaine treatment you receive through a listing on this page. Many of the facilities and suppliers are not government licensed. Persons offering treatment may have no medical qualifications. Costs given are approximate.

Thinking of taking ibogaine? Read this notice first.

Please note that I add new information but don’t currently have time to check through all the listings on an ongoing basis. Some may have stopped operating or have changed prices.

Ibogaine is an unlicensed medication and it is increasingly recognised that there may be inherent risks associated with its usage. Possession of ibogaine is a criminal offence in the USA, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden and Switzerland, and may be so in other countries. Check with your government’s drugs unit prior to purchase.

Options for Treatment

Europe    The Americas    Africa    Asia    Australasia


– Iboga/Ibogaine Treatment in Norwich, Norfolk, UK. Contact Paul Brookshaw. Email : nobuno@hotmail.co.uk / Tel: +44 (0)7593578859 / Website: www.nobuno.wix.com/iboga. NOT GOVERMENT LICENSED

– Ibogaine treatment in the UK. Paul Featherstone offers individually tailored Ibogaine treatments for addiction cessation along with sessions for emotional trauma healing and better well being. (full aftercare available with supportive counseling) All medical tests included. Visit www.ibogaine-info.co.uk. For more information contact Paul on tel: +44 (0) 7578 868340 or e-mail: paulfeatherstone@yahoo.com. NOT GOVERNMENT LICENSED.

– Treatment with Tabernanthe iboga in either the Cameroun or France. Cost approx UK£800, (~US$1,300). Visit www.iboga.org for further information. NOT GOVERNMENT LICENSED

– Ibogaine treatments in Leer, Germany. Torsten Becker is an Ibogaine practitioner working close to the city Leer (ostf.), in Germany. Using a Iboga root-extract and (if you want) the Ibogaine HCL. Visit www.iboga-experience.com for further information or email torsten@iboga-experience.com or phone +49 1751407803. NOT GOVERNMENT LICENSED

– Ibogaine treatments in Athens, Greece. Located on a beautiful site near an ancient Greek temple, Cosmos Makedonas and his team offers affordable holistic iboga root-extract/ibogaine treatment for addiction as well as sessions for personal growth and development. After care provided. Contact Cosmos on tel: 0030 698 0283760 or e-mail: ibogaine_greece@hotmail.com. NOT GOVERNMENT LICENSED

– Edward Conn, who featured in the acclaimed ibogaine movie “Detox or Die”, is looking at offering consultation services for all matters in relation to drug and alcohol dependency, independent advice, advocacy as well as and pre and post therapy for all psychological issues in relation to substance misuse and transpersonal/spiritual crises. www.ibogaineaftercare.org.

– Ibogaine treatment in Southern Spain in a safe and tranquil setting. Harambe offers individual Ibogaine treatments for addiction interruption along with sessions for spiritual development, depression and other emotional imbalances. We have over 10 years experience with Iboga and Ibogaine treatments. Visit www.harambedetox.com For more information contact Bilal on tel: +34 602533964 or Catherine +34 602475385 or by e-mail: info@harambedetox.com. NOT GOVERNMENT LICENSED

– Ibogaine treatment in Holland. We offer an Iboga ceremony in a luxurious bungalow in the Netherlands you can visit my site www.iboga-experience.nl. You can also contact Nikita on +31 (0)6-41295744 or send email to info@iboga-experience.nl

– Iboga Initiations with Borko in Slovenia. I work with rootbark and TA. I mostly do spiritual sessions, the whole Initiation can be enhanced with binular and isochronic frequency for greater and mystical experience. If it is good weather, session is done in woods, staying in a tent.
The entire treatment lasts for 3-5 days, depending on the agreement. Food is involved (organic fruits, vegetables, nuts). Contact Borko bboretic@gmail.com. NOT GOVERNMENT LICENSED

– Iboga Tree Healing House is set in the rolling hills of the Alentejo in tranquil rural Portugal. The focus is on safe, holistic and affordable treatment with an in-house doctor, nurses and a team of holistic therapists. They also offer pre and post treatment counselling to ensure clients are fully prepared and open for their iboga treatment and that they live the rest of their lives addiction free. Contact: info@ibogainetreatment.eu           http://ibogainetreatment.eu    NOT GOVERNMENT LICENSED

– Tabula Rasa Retreat has rapidly positioned itself as Europe’s premier ibogaine clinic. Located in the Alentejan region of Portugal, its clientele is mainly from the United Kingdom, Northern Europe, UAE and the USA. All treatments undergo medical vetting and are medically monitored and supervised. Our medical staff are ACLS trained. To support ibogaine treatments, expect holistic therapies such as breathwork, bodywork, massage, meditation, kundalini yoga, reiki, gong baths, drumming circles, equine assisted therapy, personal training and nutrition advice. This is further supported by 1:1 counselling and group therapy by our in-house counsellors. For further information visit www.tabularasaretreat.com or call PT +351 965 751 649 UK +447961355530. NOT GOVERNMENT LICENSED

The Americas

www.clearskyrecovery.com – We are a medically-based, 7-day inpatient program located in beautiful Cancun, Mexico. Our ibogaine clinic is run by Dr. Alberto Sola, who received his training from Dr. Deborah Mash & Dr. Jeffrey Kamlet at the original Healing Visions research facility in St. Kitts, WI. Program-length may be affected by the use of long-acting opioid drugs such a methadone or subutex/suboxone; in the latter cases we need to provide multiple ibogaine boosters and you must set aside up to 10 days for a successful detox. We have access to a tremendous breadth of published and unpublished research related to safely and effectively administering ibogaine. You will be treated in a comfortable, safe environment, with 24 hour medical supervision. email: info@clearskyrecovery.com / USA: (866) 927-6080 / Mexico: (011) 52 9982856733

– Ibogaine and iboga root extract treatment on Vancouver Island by KC for addiction and emotional trauma. Medically supervised in-home treatment. KC is an alcohol/substance abuse counselor and holistic healer with over 15 years of experience. Cost:$2000 USD. Limited partial scholarships available. Donations accepted for the construction of “IBO ETC” – Iboga earthship treatment center, fall 2006. Contact itcdt@hotpop.com for more details.

– Ibogaine treatment in a Panamanian hospital. Cost – approx UK£9,000, (US$15,000). GOVERNMENT LICENSED Contact: Dr. Edgardo Della Sera, Panama Ibogaine Project, Clinica del Nino, Apdo 447, David, Chiriqui, Republic of Panama; e-mail ibogaine@chiriqui.com; fax: +507 777 3579

– Ibogaine treatment in a Brazilian hospital. Cost – approx USK£1,800, (US$3,000). 4-5 day treatment. Treatments have been offered here since 1997. GOVERNMENT LICENSED Contact: Dr. Bruno Daniel Rasmussen Chaves; e-mail ibogaine@bol.com.br.

– Ibogaine treatment in the Mexico. Visit www.mariposamedispa.com for further information. GOVERNMENT LICENSED

– Ibogaine Treatment in Mexico – Rosarito – Experience Ibogaine treatment offers affordable treatment with a professional and experienced staff. Located on beach-front property, we are a fully equipped medical facility with a focus on safety. – https://ExperienceIbogaine.com – email aeden@experienceibogaine.com for more information.

– Liberty Root Therapy Ltd., Vancouver B.C. Canada, provides the space and support needed for Ibogaine-assisted detoxification and psycho-spiritual therapy in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Our clients experience a peaceful pacific northwest environment and personalized care that is tailored to their specific needs. For more information please visit www.libertyroot.net. NOT GOVERNMENT LICENSED

– Inner Realms – Alternatives in Healing in Vancouver, BC, Canada, is an Ibogaine provider for alcohol and drug addiction help, detox and recovery as well as for spiritual development for alternative health healing. A registered nurse is present during treatment. Call Garyth or Blair atIbogabc@gmail.com, +1-778-988-2997 or visit http://www.innerrealms-alternativesinhealing.com for more info. NOT GOVERNMENT LICENSED


– For information on iboga, and Bwiti initiation in Gabon, West Africa please visit www.bwiti.com LICENSING STATUS UNKNOWN

– Ibogaine treatment with Simon “Nzegho” Loxton in Cape Town, South Africa. “I am a registered traditional health care practitioner ref no 36/08 issued by Secteur de la medecine traditionnelle; Gabon. Using a patient specific protocol to suit the needs of the individual. I use the manual for ibogaine therapy; Screening; Safety; Monitoring and Aftercare by Howard Lotsof and Boaz Wachtel as a minimum standard for practice.”
Visit www.iboga.co.za for more information. NOT GOVERNMENT LICENSED

– Treatment with Tabernanthe iboga in either the Cameroun or France. Cost approx UK£800, (~US$1,300). Visit www.iboga.org for further information. NOT GOVERNMENT LICENSED


– Ibogaine treatment provider in Thailand. We facilitate the treatment of letting go of any negativity, destructive thought patterns, trauma release; addiction detox without withdrawals and spiritual exploration in a lush and tranquil nature setting in tropical Thailand. Personalised treatment only, no group retreat. Website: ibogaine-thailand.net Email: info@ibogaine-thailand.net


– Treatment in Australia. Ibogaine/Iboga. AUD$2800 to $3300 contact jasenhappy@hotmail.com. Web: www.iboga.com.au and www.ibogaine.com.au NOT GOVERMENT LICENSED

– Comprehensive & holistic ibogaine treatment in Australia & New Zealand. Please contact Gabriel Jones for details at ibogabe@gmail.com or at skype address  ibogabe.jones. NOT GOVERMENT LICENSED

Options for Supply

Possession of ibogaine is a criminal offence in the USA, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden and Switzerland, and may be so in other countries. Check with your local government drugs unit prior to purchase.

– Tabernanthe Iboga rootbark and many other medicinal plants available on www.africaphyto.com. We sell Iboga both retail and wholesale. NOT GOVERNMENT LICENSED

– Tabernanthe iboga whole plant, extract, and ibogaine HCl all available from this Canada based outlet. www.ethnogarden.com NOT GOVERNMENT LICENSED

– Tabernanthe iboga root and rootbark. Currently available from a Dutch-based site, www.maya-ethnobotanicals.com NOT GOVERNMENT LICENSED

– Tabernanthe iboga rootbark and seeds available from a Cameroun-based company, CEEN. Email: ceenfoundation6@gmail.com NOT GOVERNMENT LICENSED

– Tabernanthe iboga root bark available from http://psychoactiveherbs.com NOT GOVERNMENT LICENSED

– Tabernanthe iboga powdered root capsules. Developed as a low-dose daily regime in Holland and Gabon, these pre-packed capsules come as a complete course. Cost approx. US$20 per 60. Visit www.iboga.nl for details. NOT GOVERNMENT LICENSED

www.ibogaworld.com. NOT GOVERNMENT LICENSED

NG4D  Co-operative society group offer sustainable Iboga root bark from Cameroon. Age of trees: 7 years up. price/kg: 1000€ including shipping. We supply Iboga only from a sustainable source with phytosanitary certificate and certificate of origin. We are concerned with Iboga conservation and are working on sustainable project.
Contact us: ng4dev@gmail.com  GOVERNMENT LICENSED


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80 thoughts on “Ibogaine Treatment Centres and supply options

  1. Caudie James on said:

    Can you lead us to a supplier for these capsules. We have little money and can’t afford a facility. This would be god sent and so dearly needed.

  2. Paul Middleton on said:

    So Ibogaine treatment costs thousands of pounds ?? Can you do it at home or is that dangerous ??

  3. Hello, please can someone help me? I am from Scotland and have a tobacco addiction. Looking to buy a small quantity of natural Ibogaine to help free me from this habit. Please, no scammers – a fair price supplier is all I am looking for.

    Thank you kindly!

    Have a beautiful blessed day.

    Email me: freespirit1111@gmx.com

  4. Tatiana Alba on said:

    Hello my name is Tatiana Alba from Florida i want to say a very big thanks to Dr TOM Williams and his team for providing me with Iboga root I receive my package and I am recovering with my addiction smoothly and will get back my life and license soon.you can contact him via Email:ibogacarecentre@outlook.com or via whatsapp +15188715518 remain bless

  5. Dianne Horton on said:

    Are you tired of your addiction to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.

    We have high quality iboga products (Ibogaine hcl, iboga TA, iboga capsules,iboga seeds and dried iboga root barks) for sale. Ibogaine is a therapy for chemical dependence that eliminates physical withdrawal signs and interrupts drug craving behavior. It is both a therapeutic and psychoactive addiction-breaker. It helps in breaking both drug and alcohol addictions.
    We ship world wide without any problems. Treatment info and all help you need about our products are also provided We are potential producers of Iboga root barks and Ibogaine hcl. Ibogaine is the active chemical found in the African Tabernanthe iboga root . It’s known for its modern use in treating opiate heroin , cocaine other drug addiction. If any body out there is interested in buying this product feel free to Contact us via centralphorm@live.com for more information.

  6. Dear sir, looking for iboga rootbark buyers. plants range from 7years to 15years and more.good prices, no scarm, no advance payment.also iboga seeds and seed pod available.Also voacanga africana root bark and its seeds.


  7. Helen rouke on said:

    James path thanks somuch I did receive my package I have been scamed several times you are really a good person. May God bless you. I recommend James to any one in need of IBOGA ROOTBARKS. He is real. I am from the UK.

  8. Kathy evans on said:

    Please help me I need a real Honest email to get this product from, I’m in the uk also if also need help with how to use it and how much also the price. I’m on methadone and I’m desperate to be free from this please help me someone.. My email is kathyevs@mail.com

  9. I am a Registered Nurse, looking for an internship with an experienced Iboga therapy provider working in the field of addictions treatment. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

  10. Hi I am looking to buy ibogaind enough for 1 detox from methadone I have been ripped off 3 times with god knows what it was it never worked.
    is there any decent people left in the world or is every one out to make a quick buck .

  11. Hi, I’m from New Zealand and iboga is a controlled prescription only drug. Unfortunately, no doctor is willing to help with prescription.

    Has anyone imported New Zealand? I’m willing to buy small quantities of you. Please email me at Sean.Watson.kc@gmail.com.


  12. Hi Njuh, which post is it? Please send me a link. I’ve stopped people putting ads for iboga in the comments is all. Nick

  13. Please you already deleted the post above of that young man who calls himself rambo111 discrediting Iboga,OK nick thanks

  14. André Möllerström on said:

    I need to do the ibogain treatment. Can someone please help me. I live in Sweden

  15. Hi Jervis, I’m not taking recommendations for treatment centres anymore as a lot of dramas are coming with people saying they’ve been ripped off, etc. Feel free to leave your contact number or email address though. Nick

  16. Iboga is a “plant spirit”, that can help you to get free from many types of addiction, because of the insights you gain from this Spiritual Journey. It is mostly used for spiritual development and personal growth.

    Iboga is a sacred plant, that contains a dozen indole alkaloids. One of these alkaloids, C20H26N2O, causes the withdrawal symptoms to stay away.

    Iboga comes in waves, each dreamwave gives you new layers of information. Remember that you know the answer to all your questions yourself. It comes from your sub-consciousness. The psychoactive properties result in a dreamlike state that lasts for several hours.to know more or buy Iboga
    WhatsApp or Viber +237674012355

    Skype Jarvis Iboga


  17. Bwiti Priest on said:

    Hello to everyone here first of all.
    I am a Bwiti priest from Gabon I have worked with the Sacred wood for 12years and I have seen its spiritual deeds in so many ceremonies and somany journeys too. I am so happy to see people who have value for the Sacred Sacrament . If there is anyone who needs advice on where to get the best quality wood and even initiations or to journey with the spirits you can reach to us via this email address:

  18. Dr. Dianne Horton on said:

    I have the intention to make the Iboga experience available and affordable for those who want to use Iboga or Ibogaine as a tool for self discovery. Iboga is a powerful psychotropic plant with an amazing reputation for healing and self-discovery.
    It’s already three years since I have this idea in mind and I already know people who have benefited from the “iboga experience” without the traditional rituals that are not currently available around this city.
    My point is that the rituals and the support of an experienced Bwity chaman would be great but not so available and affordable for many of us.
    You are welcomed to add your ideas too.
    The information I’ve found make me believe that the best option for it’s use in a spiritual quest is using the Ibogaine TA, which is an extract that contains other alkaloids that can make a more complete experience.
    Please, express freely what you think about this.WhatsApp: +965 503 94890. e-mail: centralphorm@live.com

  19. Mandi Smith on said:

    Hello, I am on suboxone and am trying to locate a doctor willing to prescribe one month of short acting opiates so I can go to a proper ibogaine treatment facility. This has been pretty difficult however, so if you know where I can locate a doctor (or even the name of the doctor), it would be much appreciated! Thank you!


  20. gilbertiboga on said:

    Iboga is the most effective addiction treatment known to mankind, as well as an ancient physical and spiritual healing herb.Good quality ga available for you with optimal potency,we believe that Iboga is a God sent plant to mankind,to help treat ADDICTIONS regardless the unjust banned on the use of the plant by some countries.
    So we want to promote the use of the plant in all forms because dealing with a substance addiction, whether it is you or a loved one, can be a terrible ordeal that puts a tremendous strain on you physically and mentally you can contact me via WhatsApp+237 679 220 015

  21. Alzbeta on said:

    Hell o, I need iboga terapie in Czech republice. I a There someone Who let me know sine info About IT? I Fund some in internet v but i Dont know If IT IS safe. Oplease let me know to Bety81.bb@Gmail. Thanks

  22. I Jave been a heroin addict for over 20yrs and I live in the Uk. I need help before my 13 yr old son has to bury me. please twll me where I cam get ibogaim or ibogain therapy that doeant cost thousands . Im desperate

  23. Tatiana Alba on said:

    Hello my name is Tatiana Alba from Florida i want to say a very big thanks to Dr TOM Williams and his team for providing me with Iboga root I receive my package and I am recovering with my addiction smoothly and will get back my life and license soon.you can contact him via Email:ibogacarecentre@outlook.com or via whatsapp +15188715518 remain bless

  24. Matt Pooley on said:

    Ready to quit cocaine and whiskey along with other bad habits but find this almost impossible. Relationships have fallen apart bc of the habit. However I am also on anti depressants. Please help

  25. We are suppliers of quality Iboga Rootbarks from West Africa precisely from GABON, CONGO and CAMEROON.
    These Iboga Rootbarks are harvested from old Iboga shrubs of age about 7 to 10 years.
    The Iboga rootbarks are well harvested, sunned under good enviromental temperature.
    With little or no inner roots in these quality Iboga rootbarks. We also give out
    bonuses to clients who can purchase from 5kilograms and above. That is for every 5kilograms bought,
    we give a bonus of 500grams. Which implies if you can purchase 10kilograms you have a bonus of 1kilogram free.
    For more information regarding our prices and shipment details please contact us via this email address:

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