Ibogaine – Resources for journalists

March 19, 2012

Section 1 – The People in the West

We can forward media enquiries to the following people. Please email me via the Contact page saying who you wish to get in touch with. High-resolution versions of some photos available.

Howard S. Lotsof

Howard S. Lotsof the father of ibogain

Howard Lotsof, (New York), the man generally credited with discovering ibogaine’s potential as an anti-addiction medication in the early ’60s. Lotsof set up first a charitable foundation and then a corporation is his attempts to get ibogaine to the world market. Ibogaine Org
Deborah Mash Dr Deborah Mash, (Miami), professor of neurology and cellular and molecular pharmacology at the University of Miami School of Medicine. Dr Mash runs the Healing Visions clinic in St Kitts, and has treated over 100 patients, the majority drug or alcohol dependent, with ibogaine. The foremost scientific authority on ibogaine worldwide. Healing Visions and Ibogaine Research
Dr Kenneth Alper, (New York), associate professor of neurology and psychiatry at the New York University School of Medicine, Director of the 1999 Ibogaine Conference in New York, and compiler of the soon-to-be-published book on ibogaine. Ken can be contacted via this page www.med.nyu.edu/contacts/kra1.html
Eric Taub, (Florida), US-based treatment provider who has facilitated over 300 informal ibogaine treatments in the Caribbean and South America via his organisation, I Begin Again [awaiting picture]
Dana Beal, (New York), US-based cannabis and ibogaine activist, founder of Cures Not Wars, and co-author of The Ibogaine Story. Cures Not Wars [awaiting picture]
Nick Sandberg, (London), UK-based activist and owner of this site. Contact me via the “contact” page.
Patrick Kroupa, (Miami), recovered addict and patient of Dr Deborah Mash, now owner of mindvox.com and public speaker.

Section 2 – The Science

Ibogaine: Complex Pharmacokinetics, Concerns for Safety, and Preliminary Efficacy Measures – A clinical study of 27 opiate and cocaine dependent subjects from Dr Deborah Mash and others.

“Pharmacology of Ibogaine and Ibogaine-Related Alkaloids” by Piotr Popik and Phil Skolnick, 1999. A review of the scientific research.

Section 3 – The Bwiti and Iboga

We have a few pictures of Tabernanthe iboga, the plant source of ibogaine, and The Bwiti, the central African religious group that use it, reproduced below. For more, we recommend you visit the following site:

www.iboga.org – Click on photos for high-res images.


Fruit of the Tabernathe iboga plant initiate of iboga
Gathering The Fruit Initiation Tabernathe Iboga