Details of ibogaine pieces in the media, scientific reviews, books and other material

Press Articles

Ibogaine is a hallucinogen that has helped addicts kick their drug habits. Is it the trip that does the trick? – Riverfront Times (US), Nov 18 2010.

Detox ‘wonder’ drug may face ban – Time Out (London), 7 March 2001.

Ibogaine, by Patrick Kroupa – Heroin Times, Feb 2001.

Psychedelic addiction treatment faces ban after heroin user’s death – The Big Issue (UK), 5th Feb 2001.

Hallucinogen ‘cure’ for addicts linked to deaths – The Observer (UK), Jan 7th 2001, and follow-up.

One-step cure for addiction? – Focus magazine (UK), July 2000.

Taking the Cure, by Andy Craft – Black Book (US), Spring 2000.

Associated Press article, by Malcolm Ritter, science correspondent, Dec 1999.

from The Lancet, by Kelly Morris, Nov 1999.

L’article sur l’ibogaine dans le journal du medecins, The Lancet, par Kelly Morris, Nov ’99.

The Dreaming– The Independent on Sunday (UK), March 1999.

Reviews of Ibogaine

Here are some of the more prominent documents…

The Ibogaine Medial Subculture – Kenneth R. Alper, Howard S. Lotsof, Charles D. Kaplan

Ibogaine: Complex Pharmacokinetics, Concerns for Safety, and Preliminary Efficacy Measures – Mash DC, Kovera CA, Pablo J, Tyndale RF, Ervin FD, Williams IC, Singleton EG, Mayor M. Ann N Y Acad Sci 2000;914:394-401

Link to Ibogaine in the 21st Century: Boosters, Tune-ups and Maintenance by Patrick K. Kroupa & Hattie Wells. 2005

Link to “Pharmacology of Ibogaine and Ibogaine-Related Alkaloids” by Piotr Popik and Phil Skolnick. 1999

Link to Goutarel’s General Review of Ibogaine, including history, chemistry, botany and ethnography.

Link to Ibogaine: Fantasy and Reality, chapter V of psychiatrist Claudio Naranjo’s “The Healing Journey.”

Link to The Religion of Iboga or the Bwiti of the Fangs, P. Barabe, Professor of Tropical Medicine.

Link to A Scientific Review of Ibogaine , Popik & Glick, 1996

Link to Clinical perspectives in ibogaine administration, by Howard Lotsof

Link to Eric Taub interviewed on the subject of ibogaine

Link to Usage of ibogaine by members of the Bwiti religion, by James Fernandez


Paroles d’un Enfant du Bwiti: Les enseignements d’Iboga, Laval-Jeantet, Marion – French account of life with the Bwiti. Available to buy from loriginel.com/product_info.php?products_id=91 (L’originel, 2005)

The Ibogaine Story, Dana Beal & Paul DeRienzo – Dana and Paul’s idiosyncratic account of ibogaine development, set within the context of the developing underground scene of latter-day New York, contains many fascinating insights into the drug’s history. (Autonomedia 1997)

The Healing Journey, Claudio Naranjo – Chilean psychiatrist Naranjo details and interprets several ibogaine experiences from his casebook, as well as summarising many aspects of drug-assisted psychotherapy. The chapter on ibogaine is available online at www.ibogaine.desk.nl/naranjo.html (Ballantine 1973, out of print)

An Introduction to Ibogaine, Nick Sandberg – Cheap and extensive guide covering many aspects from ibogaine treatment to the Bwiti. (Relax UK, 2000 and online here)

The Neurochemistry of Drugs of Abuse: Cocaine, Ibogaine, and Substituted Amphetamines, editor Syed F. Ali – modern scientific research summarised and explored. (NY Academy of Sciences 2000)

The Alkaloids, Chapter 3 – Pharmacology of Ibogaine and Ibogaine-related Alkaloids, Piotr Popik and Phil Skolnick – A summary of recent scientific research into ibogaine. (Available from Relax UK, the publishers of this booklet, price £2.50, inc P&P in the UK.1999).

Bwiti: An ethnography of the religious imagination in Africa, James W. Fernandez – Anthropologist Fernandez explores Bwiti folklore. (Publisher unknown, out of print)

Péril Blanc, René Bureau – French language account of the author’s personal experiences in Gabon with many insights into the Bwiti and iboga. (Publisher unknown, out of print)

La Naissance à l’Envers, André Marie – as above.

Miscellaneous Writings

Entering the Spirit World of Iboga – Amazing account of Bwiti initiation in the Gabon, by Thomas Riddle

Meet the Bwiti Cameroun Bwiti lady seeks penfriends

Paving the Way for GWB A commentary on some hidden aspects of the US Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation Act, 1999.

Iboga Tourism in Central Africa

Heroin and the Psychology of Repression

Are we being told the truth about the “War on Drugs”?